Bullish On: October

Rabbit Rabbit ??! Happy November! Hope you had a great Halloween… if you’re still in the spooky spirit don’t miss my post on FANG Stocks. October was a whirlwind and I’m currently writing this on the plane to NYC so we’re not slowing down anytime soon.

Anywho, here are a few of my favorite things from last month:

Dirty John

I started this podcast on my walk home from work on a Friday and I swear I was done within 24 hours. There aren’t many episodes so it’s a quick listen and I promise you’ll be sucked in! The story revolves around a mysterious man who comes into the life of a successful Los Angeles businesswoman and her family’s efforts to get to the bottom of who this John character really is. Let me know if you have other recommendations for podcasts… I’m always looking for suggestions!

Rose Gold Fitbit Band

Hi, my name is Kathryn and I’m addicted to my Fitbit. I’ve had one kind or another for at least¬†5 years and love tracking my sleep, steps, etc. I upgraded to the Rose Gold & Lavender Charge 2 earlier this year but didn’t like how the plastic band looked with my business casual work wardrobe, so I picked up this pink leather band. Unfortunately, with my constant wear, the light color was filthy, so I found this one on Amazon. I not only love the way it looks, but it was a total steal at less than $15. Win-win! There are a total of 10 colors if rose gold everything isn’t your go-to.

Quilted Velvet Makeup Organizer 

I picked up this beauty on a recent trip to Target cause the blue velvet just felt so fall I couldn’t resist. I also love that it has a separate section for brushes, sits flat, and isn’t too deep… I was always losing little brushes at the bottom of my old one. Really love this dark romantic floral set too…

New Running Shoes

Ok, this one is more symbolic than anything, but I decided on a whim last month that I want to run a half-marathon and the first order of business was new shoes. The farthest I’ve ever run is less than half the 13.1 miles, but the race I’ve got my eye on is in early February so I have plenty of time to prepare. I’ve been using the Nike+ Run Club app for training and also trying to convince everyone I know to run the race with me. If you’ve run a half before and have any tips or want to join lemme know!

Sharing Your Salary

I found this story really interesting! When I think back to accepting my salary for my first job there is so much I wish I had known/done differently. I didn’t negotiate and had no idea how my offer compared to the position/industry at all… I was just excited to have a grown-up paycheck! I do feel like my peers are sharing information about their compensation much more than they were even five years ago and I think it’s a positive for bringing to light pay gaps between genders and those from varying socioeconomic backgrounds. On the flipside, millennials have a reputation for being the “participation trophy” generation so I think it’s a point well taken that just because your co-worker with the same title is making $XYZ doesn’t mean you’re automatically entitled to that amount as well. What do you think? Do you talk openly about how much bacon you’re bringing home with friends?

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