Bullish On: September

I was thinking about a couple posts I wanted to squeeze into the month of September this week and how I only had a couple days left to sit my butt down and write them. But… it’s not September and I actually have zero days left… how the heck is it already October? Last month was a complete blur between a couple trips back east and some extra long work hours. We were finally home for more than 24 hours last weekend and it was delicious. We tried out the new sushi spot in our neighborhood, Mamanoko, on Friday night (miss you Umami ?) and after a week of sleep deprivation, I stayed in bed till practically noon on Saturday. After resting up, we headed out for a night full of sports (hoorah!). We headed to a pre-season Warriors game (which don’t get me wrong I love) and then to our friends’ house to watch the Cal football game (womp womp). On Sunday we got all our meal prepping done early enough to enjoy a walk around the neighborhood while the sun was still out and it felt like things were finally getting back to our usual routine. I didn’t get our meal plan up this week but it was a bunch of old classics: turkey burgers, moussaka, & Instant Pot salsa chicken tacos. We’ve got some birthdays to celebrate this weekend and I’m hoping we get some of that San Francisco summer weather to enjoy some Fleet Week festivities! Here’s are the things that kept me smiling last month:


There are two versions of this song (the other one is here). I love both. Roberto listened to Chance the Rapper’s whole album beginning to end on our redeye flight out to D.C. last month. I can’t remember that last time I did that (JK I totally can and it was when I bought a p.h.y.s.i.ca.l. copy of Taylor Swift’s Deluxe Red album from Target #notashamed). We were completely awed by his SNL performance last season, but I never took the time to listen to more of his songs (I know these aren’t new!). So glad Roberto brought these into my life cause they’re bringing me major happiness and gratitude every time I hear ’em.

Simple Things to Simplify Your Life

We got two game changers for our kitchen last month. Number one: a tea organizer like this one. Ever since we did Whole30 we try to opt for tea instead of wine on weeknights. I feel like I pick up a new box to try every week and our cupboard was becoming a serious leaning tower of boxes and bags precariously stacked up. We got a little organizer and it has saved us so much space and made the cupboard way more organized. My favorite flavor currently is the TJ’s Organic Peppermint Herbal Tea. Roberto sticks with his tried and true “Well Rested.” Word of warning: we both tried the Yogi Bedtime tea and it gave us nightmares ?(I never remember my dreams). Freaky deaky stuff. Promise we aren’t crazy… I mean at least about this ?.

Item number two: this simple spice rack. We got this spice rack as a wedding gift and it’s awesome since it doesn’t take up too much space and all the jars not only came labeled but pre-filled. The problem? My husband really loves his spices so we had at least twice as many as fit in this rack. We were previously storing them in a drawer, but since they weren’t labeled on the top it was always impossible to find what you were looking for without pulling out every single bottle. We got this simple rack and I absolutely love it for overflow storage since I can see everything and it’s so space efficient. We didn’t even nail it in since we aren’t even using the pull down feature.

Living Proof PHD Dry Shampoo

I am a hardcore Drybar Detox enthusiast. I absolutely love the smell and always come back to it, but this Living Proof dry shampoo has me potentially changing my tune. It smells equally amazing sans the white powder that plagues brondettes like me. One thing I’ve learned? There are two general types of dry shampoo that accomplish different things. If starch comes before alcohol in the ingredient list (i.e. Drybar), that formula is best for soaking up that post-gym sweat/oil. If alcohol comes before a starch like Living Proof? That’s great for re-upping your volume. Never one to give up the search, I just grabbed a travel size version of the Ouai foaming dry shampoo so I’ll let ya know how it goes. If you have another fave, please let me know!

The Evolution of Women in Stock Images

One of my favorite feel good articles from last month which I’m needing more and more of these days…

Teeny Tiny Hoops

I don’t think I’ve worn hoops since junior high, but I picked up these sparkly ones in rose gold during the big Nordstrom sale this summer. I was digging them so much that I went back and grabbed these teeny tiny ones for my second piecing and I haven’t taken them out since… kind of has me wanting a third…


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