Weekend Update & (No) Meal Plan

washington-dc-weekend-update-mlkHappy Wednesday! Hope you had a nice long weekend and survived the first day back at work yesterday! We took a red eye out to D.C. on Thursday night so we could spend some time exploring our nation’s capital before a wedding in Baltimore on Saturday so ours was extra long. I hadn’t been to D.C. since 8th grade and I definitely have a much better appreciation for the history of our country returning as an adult. To me, Washington D.C. is like New York City… I can’t imagine that it ever gets old or less impressive. When we saw people out jogging I couldn’t believe that all these amazing monuments are the striking backdrop to their daily workout. We also had the best meal of our lives in recent memory at The Dabney so overall I’d say the trip was a great success. As usual, we were short on time so we quite literally spent Monday morning running from monument to monument in an effort to see as much as possible and get a workout in (we were clearly inspired by the locals). In addition to being squeezed on our sightseeing, we had more recommendations on places to eat than time to visit (or room in our bellies), so I’ll summarize them all in a separate post.

The bride was from Baltimore so it was a treat to visit her hometown even if it was a quick visit. Their wedding was on the waterfront and it was a truly breathtaking view. I rented this dress and it was absolutely gorgeous, but also a complete fashion tape obstacle course (we made an emergency cocktail hour run to the drugstore in full black tie). We were only in Charm City for about 24 hours so we barely scratched the surface, but, of course, we managed to squeeze in a baseball game at the famous Camden Yards. Given that our stadium in San Francisco seems to be permanently fogged in, we were previously unfamiliar with the concept of watching America’s favorite pastime while soaking up the sun… what a treat! We’ve decided our goal is to hit all 30 (soon to be 31) stadiums in the US by the time we’re 50… think we can do it? We’ve hit 6 so far so we’re 20% there.

We got back late on Monday and despite the fact that I dutifully came up with a meal plan and grocery list on the flight back, we just didn’t feel like shopping by the time we left the office last night. Because it’s a short week, we’re just going to make it work with what we have in our freezer and buying meals out. My $16 salad for lunch yesterday definitely stung, especially since we started calculating the cost of our meals and I know I could have made the same thing for a fraction of the cost (I got the Peach & Goat Cheese Salad with Grilled Chicken from sweetgreen).

Sooo check back next week to see what I had planned for this week… I’m super excited about a new recipe we’re planning to try!

Have a great (short) week!

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