Bullish On: August

Rabbit rabbit! Happy September! I cannot believe it’s officially fall (a.k.a. when our summer starts in San Francisco). This month is gonna be a crazy one for us, but it’s all fun stuff so lots to celebrate! We’ve got a couple weddings (we’re in D.C. and Baltimore for one right now) and my mom and I are doing a girls weekend in NYC later this month! So much to look forward to.

Here’s a roundup of everything I loved in the month of August:

How I Built This

Roberto and I have gotten really into this podcast the last few weeks. We’ll put it on while we cook on Sundays and it’s an inspiring way to get ready for the week. Each episode highlights an entrepreneur who tells the story of how they started their business and made it to where they are today. I’ve started with the stories of brands I love myself (many of which were founded by women??): Spanx, Drybar, Rent the Runway, Dermalogica, Kate Spade, etc. I also loved Barbara Corcoran’s story… real estate tycoon #goals. Highly recommend a listen!


Don’t get me wrong, I am still loving the Americans (hello real life the Russian embassy is burning intel… at least that’s my theory after a lot of spy TV), but Ozark has been the show Roberto and I can’t get enough of this past month. It’s a dark drama about a financial planner who gets caught up in a money laundering scheme. Highly entertaining on your television, but as charming as Jason Bateman is, a criminal advisor is likely not what you’re looking for in real life.


I.love.this.app. I use TripIt for travel since it organizes my itinerary without any action needed on my part, and Slice is the same thing for tracking packages. It scans your email for shipping notifications and organizes all the information so you can see what is coming and when. It will also let you know if the price drops on something that you’ve ordered so you can request a price adjustment. I just bought these earrings and Slice let me know the price had dropped days later. Requesting a refund was pretty much as easy as pressing a button… they draft the email for you with all the pertinent information so all you have to do is hit send. Brilliant.

Blue Belle Headband

I’ve been trying to stay on my skincare routine and got this cute lil thing to replace the old headbands I used for keeping my hair dry and out of my face while I wash my face and do my makeup. It has Belle in the name and is blue like my site… how could I not? Cheap thrills and it makes my nighttime routine feel a little less like a chore. Comes in pink too if that’s more your style.

Stop Counting Other People’s Money

Love this article from Liz Weston with a message that’s essentially what we all learned in kindergarten: worry about yourself. You should be focused on your own money and not what your peers are doing with theirs. It’s where I pulled my “You can have anything you want. You just can’t have everything.” quote in my post on budgeting last week. She also references a behavioral economics professor at my alma mater, USC’s Marshall School of Business so double points right there ✌?

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